How it works

A simple yet clever solution that links all your print media with online content. Add "clickability"to your business card, flyers, posters, letterheads in fact any printed material you care to name.
  • Create a Scan and Go Code that links to something of interest for others
  • Put the Scan and Go Code in or on any type of media, and we mean “any type”
  • That’s it! Why complicate it?
Designed by marketing and media types that know how campaigns should work Scan and Go has ALL the tools you will need to engage your customers / clients. If you need ideas or content we can do that as well, just ask.
Simple to use with more campaign ideas than any other service we have seen, and we have seen a lot!
Create a scan and go code and link it to:
  • Your mobile site (you get one for free)
  • Your Twitter Acoount
  • Your Facebook account
  • Your address via Google Maps
  • A contact form for your customers
  • A video stream / download
  • An audio stream / download
  • A downloadable coupon
  • A reservation form
  • A landing Page
  • A competition
  • A survey
  • A V Contact Card
  • See all your scans and downloads in real time
  • Easy to understand visual reporting weekly / monthly / annually
  • Compare campaigns with our industry first customer hub
  • Have competition, survey and reservations emailed direct to your inbox
  • Change the content associated with any code whenever you like
  • Change the code whenever you like
And a whole lot more...

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