Mobile marketing made simple

Imagine a "clickable" link on your business card that took your clients to a video presentation or a direct link to your website. What about offering your customers a chance to enter a competition by making your company brochures "clickable"?

This is your green solution. Imagine how much paper you can save by using your existing promotional material in new, imaginative and exciting ways.

A simple yet clever solution that links all your print media with online content. Add "clickability"to your business card, flyers, posters, letterheads in fact any printed material you care to name.
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How to turn crabs into TV ;) - QR Codes get crabs and help local producers

What people are saying

“As a direct result of our QR code videos being uploaded to our website, Tesco’s are piloting Exmouth Mussels using a “talker” in their Exmouth store. Ever keen to support local producers, Tesco chose us as we were “ready to go”, helping their marketing department save time as they could just re-use the videos linked to the QR codes on their talker.
We are now part of a project to see if using the talker helps to lift sales of local produce and are the only local supplier to be chosen. Using QR codes has opened up avenues of marketing that we had never even considered and have helped to improve our image.
Although companies want to tap in to the earthiness and romance of local food production in Devon they also need us to take advantage of every new tool available to help them to sell more of our produce. “ Lisa Blood Smyth Exmouth Mussels

Exmouth Mussels - Exmouth Mussels we harvest mussels from the river Exe

We are featured in the March edition of PrintWeek
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Interview with the general manager of the Model Village Simon Wills. March 8th 2011 launch of the Scan And Go codes at one of Torbays top attractions.

"I simply cannot think of an easier way to engage with my customers"

"It's hard enough to get our name out there. That's why word-of-mouth is so important. Scan and Go is an absolute no-brainer for anyone interested in promoting their business both online and offline"

"A lot of our customers are now mobile and this is the perfect way to give them what they want, they are also telling their friends about us"

This is an industry first from an award winning company. You can see exactly how well your campaigns are working across all types of media in real time with our "Customer Hub".

Start winning more business today

While winning more business is a good idea we believe any business we win should do more than hit the bottom line. We and some other like minded businesses are sponsoring a young man in his attempt to make a career for himself by throwing his body down mountains. Well each to their own.

This is expensive and sponsorship is hard to find, however as you see a fair number of us already believe in him so why not become one of us. It’s not all about money your skills and time is also valuable. So if you can help contact us via his mobile site ( Or Scan and Go - had to be done ;)