THE first question customers will have after lockdown.


  THE first question customers will have after lockdown.

How safe would you feel handling a menu that has been used by others?

Will watching staff wipe down a menu really inspire confidence?

Is constantly paying to print menus to throw away a good idea?

You need a sign in the window that says YES  it is safe to eat here

A contact less menu solution to keep staff and customers safe would be  good start. 

Here’s one I made earlier and its free for staycation season 2021. 

Using Scan And Go  is a simple as filling out a form!

New: Now with table ordering – delivery, take out and online payments

Watch the videos to find out more.

Innovation, creativity, and reinvention describe how hospitality businesses must react post COVID-19. Change is an opportunity

Scan And Go’s digital menus are a cost effective, actually free for 2021,  e-menu system which allows hospitality  managers to design their menus, add or hide items, run promotions, revise pricing and more through an easy to use dashboard.

Digital menus that allow dine-in guests to place orders for takeaway, delivery or table using their phones  are then received on a manager’s dashboard. 

Contactless menus

Businesses are rapidly turning to contactless ordering and payment solutions to help navigate the long road back to normal from COVID-19’s impacts.

While it’s a smart innovation that some say is long overdue, the reality is contactless menus are the solution that keep both customers and staff safe.

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menu on phone

what you get

5 menus
10 items per menu
500 scans per month
Delivery option
Take out option
Order at table option
Pay online / contact less

Why is Scan and Go free?

( 2022 prices start at £9:99 pm )

Because I want to help an industry survive this insanity and I live in an area that relies on tourism and hospitality.  I would also like to prove to myself that an idea I had over ten years ago was actually a good one.  

If you are interested in the full story watch the video

The first job I had when I left school was washing and stacking plates in the local restaurant.  I then progressed to running the fish and chip range, happy days!

My career then took a different path but I have in some way always been involved in tourism and hospitality.   It’s an industry I honestly believe will return and one in which QR codes will play a greater role.

All I ask  is  if you use ScanAndGo you send me a testimonial and spread the word by telling your friends and colleagues about Scan And Go . 

Lets help each other.

If you are supplier to hospitality

Offering your customers Scan And Go will not only help both you and them to recover it's great PR that will help build a long term relationship and attract new business. Contact me for details.
If you are in the media use anything you like from this site or get in touch.
If you promote Scan And Go we will of course promote you!

Businesses going contactless

Simple to use

No apps to download
No software or hardware to buy
No credit card required

Become eco-friendly

Reduce the cost and waste of printing single-use paper menus. Customers can safely browse your menus from their own phone.

Easy menu updates.

Change your menu items, prices, and descriptions whenever you want. Easy menu updates without reprinting your Scan And Go menu every time.

Add your Scan And Go menu to anything.

Download your Scan And Go label and print on anything from menus to flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards and of course your window.

Stay safe

Contact less menu's offer your customers and staff a safe experience. It's simple to use Scan And Go menu's can be updated and changed in real time.

Get started right now

Sign up today and you will not pay a penny for all of 2021.  No credit card is required and you can just cancel and walk away at anytime. 

Why you should do this right now.

You mean apart from keeping positive?

As Boris is always saying “build back better” he does have a point.  Just look how things have changed since the pandemic arrived.

Working from home is now acceptable, never used to be.

Suddenly everyone is making video calls; don’t get me started on Zoom.

Contactless payments have become the new normal,  how reluctant were you to use contactless before?

QR codes are suddenly everywhere!

When hospitality returns customers and staff will want to feel safe.  It’s going to be down to hospitality to solve the problem.  This is one solution and I humbly suggest that you take advantage of it and start to build back better today and hit the ground running.

Watch the video for more ways to use QR codes

Eating out is an experience and will be again. 

 I continually walk past menus that just list items on the menu. 

We eat with our eyes first so let me see it!

A menu with pictures can be a game changer and now you have the time so whip out your phone and get snapping.

You could also add a video offer a cooking class, meal kits.  I have a load of ideas that will engage and entertain your customers.  

It’s all doable just drop me a line and I will show you how.

Grab a QR code scanner and scan the menu to see what I mean.

Get started right now

Sign up today and you will not pay a penny for all of 2021.  No credit card is required and you can just cancel and walk away at anytime. 

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