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Does your business rely on tourism or hospitality?

“I live in an area that relies on tourism and hospitality and it’s been a really difficult time for local business.  I think it’s important that we all try and help each other get through this and build back better,”  said John Reynolds from Scan And Go. 

He has come up with a solution called Scan And Go giving diners more confidence to safely visit restaurants or any business that serves food using contactless menus diners can view on their phone.

According to Tripadvisor research, more than a third of consumers (35 per cent) say they will put an emphasis on dining out at establishments that demonstrate they are keeping customers and staff safe.

“Since menus are one of the most handled items in a restaurant, to help minimise this contact we have developed a simple solution to create contactless menus online,”   said John.

Scan And Go gives the flexibility of offering table service, take out or delivery options for customers, all controlled from a simple to use business dashboard.  Payments can be taken using contact less in the business or online.

“We also added the ability to view but not book which is a great marketing feature.  It means you can be marketing the business even when it’s closed.  There is a lot more than can be done with contact less menus than most people think, and as establishments get ready to come out of lockdown now is the perfect time to explore the technology,”  said John

To help the industry prepare and hit the ground running the first 21 businesses can register for a free account for all of 2021.

Does your business rely on tourism or hospitality? 

If so now is your opportunity to help your customers.  You will have a mailing list simply tell your customers about this free service and help them to reopen which of course will help you. 

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