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I  have made this as simple and flexible to use as possible , even setup is simple.  If you are pretty comfortable with filling out forms register here and get on with it.   Although my advice would be to watch the videos first and save yourself some grief and so you don’t start shouting at me!

If you are really not comfortable doing this kind of thing I can do it for you at a minimal cost.  Take a look here.

First it would be a good idea if you at least scanned the ScanAndGo code on the right so you have an idea what your menu will look like.



Please use a business email address and one you check frequently.  For security and the fact that there are some very stupid people out there I will delete free or unknown email addresses.  This means you will not be able to use Scan And Go.  Any real problems contact me

After you register you will immediately receive an email click the link to verify your email address.  Nothing happens without it so verify first

Pictures sell food so I strongly recommend you take pictures of the food you provide and add them to your menu.

When it comes to descriptions I suggest you add something a little more meaningful than “It tastes great”.  Are your ingredients locally sourced and from where?  Allergies,  you get the idea.

Some people are sensitive to certain ingredients so if you think that could be an issue for customers warn them.

Qr Code menu


Get everything sorted before you start.

Business details, images and logo etc

Menus,  how many, descriptions, images, price etc

You know it makes sense so for once in your life just get prepared and save yourself the pain…

Quick start

Add your business details and location ( we will add a map for your location )

Add an image of your business and a cover image ( this could be your logo )

Allow customers to send orders or not ( with a QR code in the window you can still show your menu but not take orders,  your choice.)  It’s called marketing.

Allow online payment ( Paypal, Stripe, Paytm, Mollie )

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How to add an image to  your main menu page

Food & drink

Add a menu ( called categories )


Add:  Breakfast

Add: Menu items ( full English ) add a description, picture, price

Add:  Extras ( tea, coffee, bottle of bubbly )

Repeat for Lunch, Dinner…

Allow online payment or not  ( Paypal, Stripe, Paytm, Mollie )

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grab your qr code

Once you have set up you business details and sorted your menu you will need to grab your Scan And Go QR menu code.  This can be downloaded and I have included some templates for you in a zip file ( open the file and they are in ).

Add your Scan And Go menu code to the template and print out your poster, table cards etc.

If you use the services of a printer who has your templates send them the Scan And Go menu code and ask them to add it to whatever you need.

If you are using the Scan And Go menu on tables remember to number the your tables  so customers can see the table number clearly.

There are many ways to use these Scan And Go menu codes in your marketing so get creative.

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Drop me a line if you add a link to your website  and I will link to you which will improve your search results in Google.  Other search engines are available,  I think!  Contact John for details.

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