April 12th and restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors - including alcohol;

customers can meet in a group of up to six people from different households; a maximum of two households can meet to form a group of any size

Menu solutions explained

QR Code

Digital menu

paper menu

Impact on customer

QR Code menu: Immersive, interactive & safe

Digital menu boards: Attractive & safe

Disposable menu: Makes no long-term impact

Long term usage

QR Code menu: Easily maintainable

Digital menu boards: Might require servicing every few months

Disposable menu: Not feasible


QR Code menu: Easy to edit; menus can be changed, items turned on or off, can take orders

Digital menu boards: Boards cannot be changed cannot take orders

Disposable menu: Menus need to be reprinted and cannot take orders

Cost & ROI

QR Code menu: For 200 customers a day typically FREE or £9.99/mo

Digital menu boards: For an average sized board, typically £350 + additional software cost/mo

Disposable menu: For 200 customers a day typically £450/mo

Long term usage

QR Code menu: Easily maintainable

Digital menu boards: Might require servicing every few months

Disposable menu: Not feasible

Ease of deployment

QR Code menu: DIY or managed

Digital menu boards: Need to hire professional signage agencies

Disposable menu: Need to hire a printer and/or designer

Benefits of a Digital Menu

Safer to Use

Germ-free, greener, quicker and safer than the traditional menu.

COVID Compliant

COVID compliance without single-use paper menus or disinfectant.

Easy to Manage

Change menu items, photos and prices easily form the dashboard.

As we come out of lockdown customer confidence will need to be rebuilt.

When we go out to eat, we’re very aware of the cleanliness of the restaurant tables or the staff uniforms. We’re also aware of watermarks on our utensils, or glasses. However, we’ve never really given a lot of thought to the menu.  The pandemic made us all more aware of the importance of hygiene. 

Think about it. Restaurant menus are handled by lots of people daily. Lots of them may be laminated, but how many of them are actually washed?  If you have to get a member of staff to wipe a menu every time a customer touches one that’s a lot of manual labour not to mention not very cost effective..

You could use one time use disposable menus.  Makes little sense as you have to pay for them and then throw them away after one time use.  Plus as more people are concerned about the environmental impact of their actions this sends out the wrong message about your business.

Contact less menus allow guests scan a QR code to view the restaurant’s menu on their own mobile devices, replacing traditional printed menus and eliminating concerns about passing germs between dining guests handling the same menus.  Take a look here

Implementing a contact less menu solution demonstrates that you understand current customer requirements and are pro actively providing a solution and gives you a marketing edge over the competition.  Industries already using contact less menus


The COVID-19 pandemic has kick started the usage of QR Codes in top industry sectors – restaurants, retail, hotels golf clubs and many more. QR Codes were already popular, the contactless technology and convenience it promotes have somersaulted its usage in recent months.

Not with the Scan And Go Menu.  We believe in keeping things simple.  Customers just scan the QR code with their phone.  It’s that simple.

I get asked that a lot so let me just clear things up here.  You will not pay a penny for all of 2021.  No credit card is required and you can just cancel and walk away at anytime. 

If you want me to tell you the full and frank answer and you have five minutes to spare go here.

If you can fill in an online form you can do this.  You can see for yourself here.