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Jill the movie

Staring Jill Moore and a cast of thousands.

Paul I tried to give you a real time feel for the place starting in the precinct so its not edited and takes as long as it takes.

Wiring.  The workshop is typical DIY,  dangerous?  Not really just messy.  The house much the same.
The guy who did it knew what he was doing he just did it not according to the regulations,  you see it all the time here.

The consumer unit is interesting like the meter its been replaced but if you look at the wiring around it it would never have passed a test and inspect which you have to do when fitting a new one.
Makes me think it was a friend of a friend job.  My advice, when Jill moves in check everything and move stuff to where you want it before the paint goes on.  
All the walls are solid so the only way to get things where you want the is either via the roof or under the floor,  I don’t know how much space is under there.

Bottom line its a bungalow,  they don’t make them any more.  Good position and quiet with space in the roof for an extension at a later time.  It needs some work but looks to me like a sound investment.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.