Build back better in Torbay for free

you know Menus are expensive

Changing your offerings, finding an annoying typo, throwing away paper menus, printing is expensive and endless.

you know menu Changes can be painful

Physical menus require reprinting for a single change. PDFs require restyling and re-uploading.

get control of your menu

Lack of space for pictures and other information make it harder to explain your menu and upsell.

Mobile Menus for Dine-In & Takeout.


and simple to use

Save time and money every month on printing or cleaning menus

Save time and money designing and changing menus

You are in control:

Turn menu items, table ordering, delivery and take out – ON and OFF as needed or just use as your digital menu anywhere.

Impress and improve your guest’s experience

Update your Scan And Go menu once and it updates everywhere including your website

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love the idea but don't have the time to do this yourself?

start engageing with customers today!

start marketing today

start engaging today

start educating today

Play Video

place a scan and go code in your window that links to this video

( FREE to use )

Play Video

place this video on your website

( FREE to use )

Play Video

or place this video on your website

( FREE to use )

Explain to customers why you are investing in digital menus

  • No apps for the customer to install
  • Works on any phone tablet or computer
  • To keep customers and your staff safe
  • To put the customer in control of when and how they order
  • To save on paper menus or wiping down laminated menus
  • Digital customers always see the latest menu and special offers first
  • For a better customer experience
  • Its a green solution that just makes sense 
QR Code Scan Phone scan

scan and go menus offer you more

your menu code

print your code and use anywhere you like

Coasters – business cards – flyers – Staff T Shirts – mugs –  make anything in print clickable

add your digital menu to your website.  Example below

for your restaurant window

print and place a scan and go code in your window that will link to Your menu

for your tables inside or out

number and label your tables

Word document

DIY or get your web company to do it

or we can do it for you

digital menu

do it yourself Free until Jan 2022
£ 00.00 Monthly
  • 5 Menus
  • 10 items per menu
  • 500 scans pm

you create you menu

we make your menu
£ 59.99 discount for Torbay Business
  • 5 Menus
  • 10 items per menu
  • 1000 scans pm

personalised video

your logo front and back of the video
£ 25.99 discount for Torbay Business
  • choose a video froim the ones above
  • send us your logo
  • we add your logo front and back
  • hosted on our fast servers
  • download your own copy